Friday, May 8, 2015

Night Demon – Curse of the Damned

I first came across Night Demon last year when I saw them open for NWOBHM giants Raven. Their set was pretty enjoyable, but I didn’t rush out to buy any of their material. With the release of their first album, “Curse of the Damned”, I was blown away by just how much these guys were touring. Seriously, go look up their current and past tour schedule; it’s impressive for a band of their size. Since they’ll be returning to my city soon (and joining forces with the mighty Axxion on that night!), I thought it would be worthwhile to seek out their debut full-length. That turned out to be a great decision.

Curse of the Damned” is the ultimate ode to the NWOBHM. The riffs are simple, catchy, and fun. The solos are likewise impressive, but they avoid getting excessively technical like many modern traditional heavy metal bands. Instead, it is clear that Night Demon’s guitar playing is very based in the early 1980s. Even the singer sounds like he’s put a ton of time into determining how he can sound like he’s a British vocalist. Though he’s not a dead ringer for the singers from bands like Angel Witch or Diamond Head, those are still pretty apt comparisons for his general tone. In addition to his stellar singing, he also rocks out quite impressively on the bass. The combination of this band being a 3-piece and their homage to metal’s earlier sounds means that the bass is loud and clear. Again, it isn’t so much the difficulty of what he’s playing, but more the hard rocking feeling it brings that is enjoyable.

This style of record particularly excels in the songwriting department. Of course, everything on this album you’ve heard before. There isn’t any blatant riff plagiarism, but Night Demon won’t bust out anything particularly unique. This is fine though, because they offer up track after track of memorable choruses and hooks. The first three songs in particular are the most potent the band has to offer, but they continue to deliver monsters later on the record, such as “Heavy Metal Heat” and “Run For Your Life”. Normally I’d try to find some sort of criticism, but this is one instance where I just can’t. Night Demon does everything right, and that means “Curse of the Damned” is an incredibly entertaining record.

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"Screams In The Night"
"Curse Of The Damned"

Final Rating
4.25/5 or 85%. 

Written by Scott 

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