Friday, October 31, 2014

The World Within – The Candles Won’t Light Up Anymore

The World Within is an International group comprised of two members from Russia and one from Finland. “The Candles Won’t Light Up Anymore” is their debut single, and is likely to appeal to melodic death metal fans, as this track truly does sound like it comes from Finland. The song opens with a piano intro that sets the tone for a relatively melancholic, melodic tune, not unlike something one would expect in an Insomnium song. When the harsh vocals hit, however, it becomes apparent that screaming vocalist Joni Teppo is the reincarnation of Jari from Wintersun. In the beginning of the song, his vocals sound incredibly similar, though as the track goes on, he shows a bit more diversity in his sound. The harsh vocals are complemented with plenty of singing as well. Like many of the folk/melodic death metal bands that incorporate clean vocals, the singing is not particularly virtuosic, but it supports the emotion of the music well. This song might be a little bit heavy on the use of clean vocals, but there is no doubt that this singing works.

From a musical standpoint, “The Candles Won’t Light Up Anymore” is all about melody. Whether it is the piano, or the guitar leads, there is always an interesting melody going on. At times this can take away from the riffs a little bit, but this style of music is predicated on catchy and memorable melodies rather than crushing riffs. An example of this is when the rhythm guitars kick in near the beginning of the track: the guitars chug along and allow the piano to do its thing successfully. Though this song as a whole is quite lengthy, it never feels like it is stretched too thin. There is plenty of cohesion amongst the vocals and other melodies that keep things interesting for the entire runtime. The end of the song brings back the theme from the beginning, and provides a very satisfying resolution. Ultimately, The World Within has put together a pretty solid song that is a good primer for an album. Though perhaps not as emotional as Insomnium, as layered as Wintersun, or as shreddy as Children of Bodom, “The Candles Won’t Light Up Anymore” is still an excellent example of Finnish (or rather, Finnish-sounding) melodic death metal.

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Final Rating
4.0/5 or 80%. 

Written by Scott

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