Sunday, September 8, 2013

Hex Morbidity - Evangelical

Hex Morbidity is a two-piece black/death/thrash outfit hailing from the UK. On “Evangelical”, the band offers 3 songs filled with various different sounds of extreme metal. The opening riff of “Oblivious To All” immediately displays the brilliant thrash influence the band has. This sound comes straight from the clutches of Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, and other like-minded early first wave of black metal bands. The only real complaint with this track is that it clocks in at only 2 minutes. Just when it feels like it is really getting going, the song ends. Luckily, however, the next track, “Make Them Suffer” is equally enjoyable. The track displays Hex Morbidity’s black and death metal influences, as the riffs take the form of both evil tremolo-picked sections, and heavier chugging riffs. This song also really displays the excellent vocals of Jarod Lawley. He has a traditional raspy scream, but it is never ear-piercing, nor is it drowned out by bad production. In fact, the production is pretty much perfect for this style of music. It is raw and muddy, much like Venom or Celtic Frost, but it doesn’t reach the awful levels that many second wave black metal bands would get to. This allows all of the riffs to be heard clearly, while still conjuring the appropriate atmosphere. One bigger surprise of this release is it never gets all that fast. It is up-tempo overall, but “Evangelical” never reaches the frantic pacing that was all common in black metal in the 90’s. This works in the band’s favour, as it prevents all of the songs from blending together. Ultimately, “Evangelical” is a very solid release by a young band in a genre I’m not overly fond of. Well worth hearing, as I can assure you that this band will go on to do great things!  

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"Oblivious To All"
"Make Them Suffer"

Final Rating
3.9/5 or 78%. 

Written by Scott