Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Abominant - Onward To Annihilation

Abominant is a band that is a true testament to the enduring strength of metal. They’ve been around since 1993 and have put out 10 albums of death/black metal, and perhaps the most amazing thing about this is that I have never heard their name until this newest release, “Onward to Annihilation”. It’s unfortunate that bands can soldier on this long without much recognition, but it also shows an incredible amount of dedication towards making great music, and “Onward to Annihilation” is just that.

The most amazing thing about this release is its sheer diversity. Sometimes death and black metal bands put themselves into a hole: constant tremolo-picking, endless blastbeats, boring music. Abominant, however, combined these two subgenres in a way that accentuates the diversity of each subgenre. “Conquerors of Dust” displays epic riffing that is taken from melodic death metal. Meanwhile, it also manages to mix in sinister-sounding riffs along with demonic vocals. Other tracks, like “Onward To Annihilation” show an Immortal influence as they utilize very dissonant, cold chord patterns. Perhaps the only outlier (aside from "Hold Your Ground"; more on that later) is the Hypocrisy cover, “Left To Rot” (strangely sitting at track number 3), but they even manage to make this track their own. Another incredible aspect of “Onward to Annihilation” is the excellent pacing. There is plenty of fast stuff, but it is by no means overwhelming. The band often adds half-time feels (see “We Are Coming”), and puts in slower sections when necessary. Just when you think the band couldn’t possibly add any more unique elements to their sound, they come out with “Hold Your Ground”. This track is Motorhead on steroids. The opening riff is pure NWOBHM-goodness (played at double speed, of course). The vocals are noticeably cleaner, to the point where this song sounds like an entirely different band. This is the type of track that reminds me of why I love metal so much; it’s just pure energy and aggression. As soon as this song ends, however, they’re right back to the extreme sound they molded on the first five tracks (though “Beside The Dying Flame” actually opens with a doomier passage). This album may only be 8 tracks, but it truly feels like a journey through much of what metal has to offer.

To say Abominant’sOnward to Annihilation” stands out from the crowd is an understatement. There’s something for all fans of extreme metal on this album, and it’s hard to see anyone not liking it. If death metal these days often bores you, give a listen to Abominant to get reinvigorated on the subgenre. 

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"Conquerors of Dust"
"Onward To Annihilation"
"Hold Your Ground"

Final Rating
4.4/5 or 88%. 

Written by Scott