Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Diamond Plate Interview

SFM: Hey guys! Before we get to the new record, let’s start by talking about some of the changes in the band. Matt, you are the new bassist and vocalist for Diamond Plate. How did you get this opportunity, and how are you enjoying being with the band?

Matt: I went to high school with Mario and he introduced me to the band. So far, it's been the highlight of my short life. 

SFM: Earlier this year, guitarist Mario Cianci left the band. Konrad, do you prefer being the only guitar player live, or are you guys looking for another guitarist?

Konrad: Everyone in the band now is in it for the same reason - to create music. Because of that, the music the three of us create is more powerful than it has ever been. The power trio format gives everyone their own space and freedom musically. 

SFM: “Pulse” came out in North America on August 20th, and is a fantastic release. Congratulations guys! How has the reception been so far?

Jim: From what we've seen the reviews have been really positive online. Touring will really help getting the album out there.
Konrad: People are connecting with the new songs a lot more than with the debut. We focused a lot more on the songs than ever before and creating an album that people can experience from start to finish.

SFM: The first thing I noticed about the album is how eclectic it is. “Pulse” can’t be described as easily as a lot of other releases because there is so much diversity. Was this diversity one of the goals in writing the new record?

Jim: It wasn't really a goal, we just have a ton of different influences that naturally came out on this record. A lot has happened in the past few years and we had a lot to say as well.
Konrad: Most of the songs were inspired from jamming, and all of them contain us playing what we feel. We weren't aiming to be 'different' or 'diverse' - we wanted to create an album that takes the listener on a journey so naturally it has to have that diversity. 

SFM: “Pulse” was the second record you did with Neil Kernon as producer. How did this experience differ from recording “Generation Why?”

Jim: It definitely took a lot longer to record, haha. 
Konrad: On this album we wanted to capture the live essence of the band, and that's why we ditched the click track and editing of modern recording. At the same time, we worked harder than ever to make everything perfect and Neil pushed us to make the album that we've always wanted to make. 
Matt: 'Pulse' has been my first professional recording experience ever. It was unlike anything I have ever done before. 

SFM: Tell us a bit about the decision to release “Walking Backwards” as the first song from the record. Was this the band’s decision, or Earache’s? 

Konrad: We always knew it would be the first song for people to hear from the new stuff. "Walking Backwards" is the opener for the album and we figured that's the best way to introduce 'Pulse' to people.

SFM: You guys will be going on tour soon with the legendary Death Angel (among other great bands). Death Angel is another band like yourselves that has a great deal of diversity within their music. What impact have they had on your songwriting, if any?

Konrad: We always respected Death Angel, because they were another band like us that was really young when they started. We're excited as hell to hit the road again, especially with those bands and with this being our first tour with Matt and 'Pulse.' 
SFM: After the Death Angel tour, what is next for Diamond Plate? Have you guys had any offers to do some of the European festivals for next year?

Jim: The plan is to tour nonstop, and we're definitely hoping to get to Europe. It's been a long time coming! 

SFM: The thrash resurgence of the past few years or so seems to be slowing down a bit (unfortunately). Have you guys noticed any differences in terms of turnout at shows, or merch sales or anything like that?

Konrad: We've always been the outsiders of that scene and have never wanted to fit into any trend. So the 'thrash resurgence' slowing down hasn't affected us at all. We've been writing and recording 'Pulse' for the past year, and we were completely focused on being ourselves and never once looked at what any other band was doing.
SFM: Do you have any last words for the fans out there? 

See you on the road, keep your ears (and minds) open! 

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