Monday, June 24, 2013

Interview With Jill Janus of Huntress

Having recently reviewed "Starbound Beast", I wanted to follow up with the band about their new album and their upcoming trek on Mayhem Festival! Read below to find out what Jill Janus had to say about this exciting time for Huntress!

SFM: Let’s start with the new record. “Starbound Beast” is awesome! What makes this album different from “Spell Eater”?

Jill Janus: Thank you! We are evolving, and this record is more thoughtful and melodic than Spell Eater. After touring relentlessly together last year, we all have a new telepathic unity. It's part of the plan, I wanted to give Napalm Records three records within three years that represent the Maiden, Mother and Crone. Starbound Beast is the Mother phase. Beware the Crone. She's horny, old and vicious - she's up next.
SFM: The song “I Want To Fuck You To Death” is already well known for being co-written by Lemmy. What was it like working with Lemmy, and how have Motorhead influenced Huntress’ sound (if at all)?

JJ: Man, Lemmy is a God. I'm still in awe over this. I asked him to write a song for the new Huntress record and he did. We're buddies and meet up at the Rainbow whenever we're both in town. When he handed me the lyrics to I Want To Fuck You To Death, my first reaction was "This is the most romantic thing a boy has ever done for me." Who wouldn't want to die that way? Lem wrote the lyrics, Huntress wrote the music. I wanted the chorus to be melodic, not trashy or riot girl crap. To me, this is a love song. 

SFM: What can you tell us about the music video for “Zenith” that will be released soon?  

JJ: Get ready to be tripped the fuck out. Seriously. Get your bong packed, motherfuckers.
SFM: You’ve launched an Indiegogo campaign to help out with bus costs for Mayhem Festival. You’ve raised just over half of the money needed at this point. Is this a better or worse response than you expected?

JJ: The response has be amazing. What has been most rewarding for me is truly getting to connect our fans. They are much more than fans. They are the future. I’ve found a new respect for the power of the music enthusiast. There is a stigma that goes along with crowd funding, we were very careful in the presentation -- we kept our humility. We aren’t pretending to be more than we are, we’ve had some amazing opportunities handed to us. But Huntress is still in the infant stages of this business and we can’t afford to fly around the world or be part of a monstrous production like Mayhem Fest without additional funding. The fans are lifting us to the next level. Napalm Records has been tremendous for Huntress, but they are an indie label and I can’t bleed them dry. The fans are my blood, there’s no end to the life they supply. I adore them. I live for them.
SFM: What is the best perk left that fans can still buy?

JJ: The Heshin' Perk -- it's $500 and gets you two tickets to any Mayhem show, hang out with the band including a song dedication on stage, Donky Kong Jr tournament on our bus, a water balloon fight at after the show, and signed Starbound Beast CD DigiPak, Starbound Beast Vinyl and limited edition Huntress poster, plus unlimited High Fives. We've sold a few already. Still my favorite perk!

SFM: It seems like more and more bands are going the route of Indiegogo or Kickstarter for album releases and touring. Do you think that this method will continue to increase in popularity?

JJ: Metal fans are the future for Huntress. They are the true music enthusiasts and they are much more important than numbers. I respect my fans more than ever, this crowd funding campaign has opened my eyes to a new world. It's much greater than we can comprehend right now.

SFM: Going back to Mayhem Festival: you guys have done some big North America tours before, but never on a summer festival tour. How do you think this North American festival will compare to the ones you’ve played in Europe (Sweden Rock)?

JJ: We did tour with Metalfest last summer in Europe. So we do have a grasp of summer touring productions, but nothing at the level of Mayhem in America. Most of all, we are looking at Mayhem like summer school. We will be stoned most of the time, but hope to learn a lot and score high!

SFM: After Mayhem Festival, the band is playing a string of dates on the way to Heavy MTL. What’s next for Huntress after these shows? 

JJ: I desperately want to tell you, but I can't! There's some mega tour action planned for Huntress after Mayhem but I can't talk about it yet. One thing I have learned is don't fuck up. I never deliver the goods until I see the green light, and I never give up too much mystery. Wait for it. And keep your goals away from trolls.

Thanks to Jill Janus for the interview! Check out their Indiegogo Campaign, and their Facebook Page!