Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Durvasag - EP Promo 2012

Durvasag are a relatively new three-piece black/thrash band hailing from Toronto. With their newest promo release, they prove that they have the potential to be one of the top thrash bands around. This particular release (which is downloadable from the band for free) contains two tracks, “Sacrifice” and “Nuclear Winds”. “Sacrifice” opens with some high quality (albeit, stereotypical) mid-paced thrash riffing, before erupting into a speedy blackened assault. The chorus slows things down a bit and is pure Venom worship. In fact, if you sped up Venom’s faster parts and made them a lot more intense, that would accurately describe Durvasag’s sound on this track. The band does add some other influences, however; there are some blastbeats present, as well as soloing that is fairly competent given the age of these band members. The vocals are a vicious shout (not unlike Tom Araya or Cronos) that, at times, evolves into more of a scream. The second song, “Nuclear Winds”, is an equally catchy song that is much more intense than “Sacrifice”. There is blasting aplenty, as well as some serious riffage. Both songs hold their own pretty well, but I would say "Sacrifice" is a bit more memorable than "Nuclear Winds".

The only real thing that holds back this release is the production. While all of the instruments can be heard, the mix doesn’t seem to be as clear as it could be. Given the style of music however (and the fact that this is only a sampling of their upcoming EP), it’s something that is pretty easy to live with. All fans of stripped down, raw, metal will love this release. Despite being quite young, Durvasag is a band that sounds like they’ve already found their sound and with this EP Promo, I’m definitely left wanting more! 

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This promo can be downloaded here:


Final Rating
4.2/5 or 84%. 

Written by Scott