Sunday, December 9, 2012

Deceptor - Chains of Delusion

Despite having been around for almost 8 years now, the UK’s Deceptor has yet to release a full-length record. “Chains of Delusion” marks their second EP and is an excellent display of their relatively unique brand of thrash metal. Rather than simply worshipping Exodus, Kreator, and Slayer, Deceptor bring a lot more influence from the technical side of thrash. In fact, their riff style is very reminiscent of Megadeth (particularly on “Rust In Peace”). Most of these riffs pack a ton of different notes into a short amount of space. Another reason why Megadeth is an apt comparison is because at times, both bands feel like they aren’t really thrash bands, despite playing that style. When Deceptor, wants to, however, they can definitely rage. This is most evident in the second half of “Heatseeker”, where the vocalist unleashes a Schmier-influenced scream, while the band kicks up the tempo. This track is the definite highlight of the EP, simply because the riffs are the most memorable.

One of the most interesting parts of “Chains of Delusion” is the use of bass. Not only is it quite prominent throughout the record, but it also plays a lot of lines that do more than simply follow the guitars. There are fills here and there, as well as the occasional use of melodies that are entirely different from what the guitars are playing. The vocalist is fairly standard for thrash. Other than the aforementioned screams, he doesn’t really standout. His vocals are often a bit more melodic than the typical thrashy yell or snarl; however, he also uses that throaty sound when appropriate.

With “Chains of Delusion”, Deceptor have offered an EP that is just a bit different from what other bands doing. The songwriting is by no means the strength of this band, but it is clear to me that they will definitely evolve and improve their skills. All of the musicians are beyond capable, and “Heatseeker” is a prime example that they can write high-quality songs, but they are lacking consistency. For now, I would take this EP as an example of a thrash band that is looking to stand out from the crowd. 

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Final Rating
3.75/5 or 75%. 

Written by Scott