Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Inverloch - Dusk | Subside [EP]

Whenever I come across a band and hear that some of the members were from "awesome band from the past" my interest in this new project automatically grows, and for good reason. Bands like Disma, Masada, and Hail of Bullets are just a few of the stellar new bands out these days carrying on where their former bands left off. So when I heard that Inverloch featured members of the legendary diSEMBOWELMENT, I was obliged to check these guys out. "Transcendance Into the Peripheral" was and still is a monumental record; an absolute colossus of death/doom excellence that can only be rivaled by few bands, making Inverloch's debut EP "Dusk | Subside" a mandatory listen for myself. Needless to say, I wasn't disappointed, but pleasantly surprised at how well this three-song EP came out. 

I say that I was surprised because I wasn't expecting for this band to be able to tap into what made diSEMBOWELMENT so brilliant, but Inverloch created some good ol' fashioned gloom and doom that doesn't taint the Australian masters' name at all. The first track "Within Frozen Beauty" starts with utter silence before a clean guitar begins to fade into the track, which sets up a very bleak and cold atmosphere (sound familiar?) before some very heavy, low-end tremolos break through. This track is really just a riff-fest, as it switches so effortlessly between death metal tremolo madness, great midpaced riffs, and tremendous solos, all while the beast-like howls of the vocalist shatter the listener's eardrums. The next song "The Menin Road" is complete worship of the band that preceded this one, but it's a little boring. It almost seems like these guys were trying to ride the eerie and desolate sound that they mastered before, but it comes across as unoriginal and boring with only one riff and random shrieks in the background. 

"Shadows of the Flame" is more or less like the first song on this EP, though the riffs aren't quite up to snuff, but the same dreadful feeling is present and the subtle progressive elements are a nice touch. With only three songs on "Dusk | Subside" there isn't much more that can be said for it. Fans of diSEMBOWELMENT more likely than not, won't be disappointed by these songs and I see no reason why they would be. Even in a scene crowded with top-notch death metal acts from all around the world, Inverloch probably won't find any problems getting to the top with their doom-tinged assault, and the thought of another future release from this group could be all they need. 

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"Within Frozen Beauty"
"Shadows of the Flame"

Final Rating
4.25/5 or 85%.