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Top 11 Death Metal Albums of 2011

As already mentioned in my previous top 11 list, this year has been fucking fantastic as far as metal releases go. I haven't kept up with every scene as much as I'd like to and thus the only lists I can conjure up are for thrash and death metal, but these lists feature the best ones around, well the ones I've heard. If an album you felt should have been here and it isn't I either didn't hear it, never heard of it or I thought it wasn't up to par (I'm looking at you Deicide, Morbid Angel and Vader). 

#11. Maim - Deceased to Exist
The first album of today's list is none other than Maim's newest effort "Deceased to Exist." A very cool album that reminds one of the more well known new force in Swedish death metal, Tribulation. Some very cool, thrashy death metal, although Maim brings some more doom with them than the aforementioned Tribulation. If you like Bolt Thrower or Autopsy then you should like this one. 

"Gravedigger Sacrifice"
"Deceased to Exist"
"Screams of the Mutilated"

#10. Funerus - Reduced To Sludge
It's amazing how Funerus managed to actually make music that sounded as if it were reducing one to sludge. Some very filthy, and doomy death metal here but what would you expect from a band featuring John McEntee of the legendary Incantation? Seriously, this is some catchy stuff sure to get your headbanging so check it if you haven't. 

"Behind the Door"
"Bedpan Commando"
"Reduced to Sludge"

#9. Disma - Towards The Megalith
This album may not have won the album of the year award, but they definitely have the coolest album cover. Another effort featuring a member who was once affiliated with Incantation, Craig Pillard absolutely crushes everything in his path here with his Goliath-like growls. Oh and having some extremely heavy death metal music behind the vocals helps too. Some top notch heaviness right here that any fan of ridiculously heavy music can enjoy.

"Chaos Apparition"
"Lost in the Burial Fog"
"Purulent Quest"

#8. Autopsy - Macabre Eternal
This album is definitely a grower. Not Autopsy's greatest moment, but it's a stellar release nonetheless. Unlike other old-school death metal giants (*cough Morbid Angel *cough), Autopsy delivered on their latest effort. They didn't detract from their traditional sound or innovate much, they just did what they do best and that's suffocate the listener with their brand of doom-laden metal. 

"Dirty Gore Whore"
"Macabre Eternal" 
"Deliver Me From Sanity"

#7. Acephalix - Interminable Night
You've gotta love that crusty death metal, and if you don't then you need a reprimanding of epic proportions and I'm sure Acephalix would be more than obliged to give said reprimanding. "Interminable Night" is a slab of heavy, old-school sounding death metal intertwined with that d-beat driven assault, and there isn't much more to be said about it, other than it's awesome.

"Daemonic Sign"
"Rebirth Into Perversion"
"Interminable Night"

#6. Cannabis Corpse - Beneath Grow Lights Thou Shalt Rise
They're back, only this time these stoned bastards aren't parodying Cannibal Corpse but other Floridian metal legends, Morbid Angel and Deicide. Really, the whole "marijuana parody" gimmick isn't what should be focused on because these guys can conjure up some wicked death metal and that's all that matters. Some seriously great stuff here, so check it out. 

"Sworn to the Bag"
"Beneath Grow Lights Thou Shalt Rise"
"Immortal Pipes"

#5. Vanhelgd - Church of Death
The amazing amount of music to come from Sweden is absolutely astounding, but what's even more mind boggling is that these guys don't sound Swedish! In place of the constant d-beats and HM-2 pedal, are dark melodies and evil atmospheres reminiscent of Asphyx and Morbid Angel. This some grade A death metal that everyone should take note of. 

"Nec Spe, Nec Metu"
"Church of Death"
"Total Apokalyps"

#4. Horrendous - The Chills
An album that I only recently became acquainted with, but it kicks severe amounts of ass all the same. There's enough variety and brilliance in songwriting here that could please any fan of death metal. For fans of Autopsy, Deicide, Bolt Thrower, and Dismember. 

"Ripped To Shreds"
"The Ritual"

#3. Morbus Chron - Sleepers in the Rift
Ok, I take back what I said about Disma having the coolest album cover, because... Well look at that thing! It's pretty cool that Morbus Chron's music takes as many twists and turns as the cover. There's plenty of fast parts and there are plenty of heavy parts that trudge along, as well as a general weirdness that not many death metal bands today have got. Cheers to these guys for that. 

"Creepy Creeping Creep"
"Ways of Torture"
"Red Hook Horror"

#2. Bastard Priest - Ghouls of the Endless Night
What happens when you take that filthy old school Swedeath sound and mix it with the intensity of crust punk? You get “Ghouls of the Endless Night.” This album is stellar from beginning to end. There are plenty of ripping tracks to get your headbanging, while there are also some tracks that are extremely doomy and hit you like a brick. This one finds itself comfortably a top this list, as well as places Bastard Priest at the top of the new death metal scene. 

"Ghouls of the Endless Night"
"Last Scream"
"Enormous Thunder of the End"

#1. Miasmal - Miasmal
And coming in at number one is the debut album of Swedish death metallers Miasmal. This album did everything right and hit everyone of my musical "g-spots," mixing in the perfect amount of Dismember worship with undeniable Wolfpack and Autopsy influences as well. Fucking get this album if you haven't, or I'll find you. 

"Toxic Breed"

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