Sunday, December 11, 2011

Acephalix - Interminable Night

The Bay Area seems to be experiencing a resurgence of sorts, but not in the thrash genre for which the area is most famous. It's a death metal resurgence. Of course there are the hometown giants in Autopsy, but also relative newcomers Vastum, Mortuous and the death/crust squadron Acephalix. A lot of the bands out today that combine crust and death metal, usually sound a lot more Swedish than any other kind of death metal but Acephalix sounds a lot like their hometown heroes in Autopsy, as well as Florida death metal masters Obituary. 

The production on this album is a bit different from a lot of the newer "old-school" death metal releases, because it sounds a lot more clean and crisp, but it still retains that gritty, old school feel. Every midpaced riff here is crushing and every upbeat, crusty riff is sure to get your headbanging and have your ears thanking you. The riffs in "Daemonic Sign" and "Rebirth Into Perversion" are so heavy and catchy it's scary. The death metal tremolo riffs found here are heavy and move along very nicely. The mix of the crustier riffs and the tremolo sections on the song "Christ Hole" are great and the intro to the title track is pure old school Swedeath worship, and I love it. 

"Interminable Night" also has a great rhythm section that backs the riffs and guitar work perfectly. The bass has a devastating tone and when it gets some time to shine on its own ("Rebirth Into Perversion") it sounds amazing. The drums are always going at a very high level throughout this beast, whether it's some brutal double bass assaults or the d-beats, the drummer makes sure Acephalix is moving at a breakneck pace. The vocals on "Interminable Night" are a real highlight on their own. They sound like a sweet cross between John Tardy and Chris Reifert. They're really throaty like Tardy's and they have that creepy and indecipherable vibe that Reifert has and they command the crust filled death metal tremendously. 

This record, or compilation, whatever the hell you wanna call it, is the real deal. Acephalix are the real deal. If you're allergic to or afraid of music so heavy it could be the soundtrack to an apocalyptic earthquake, then you need to avoid "Interminable Night" at all costs, but if you want some death metal with a side of d-beat destruction, then Acephalix is a band you need to be listening to. 

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"Daemonic Sign"
"Rebirth Into Perversion"
"Interminable Night"

Final Rating
4.4/5 or 88%. 

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