Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Maim - Deceased To Exist

Here we have yet another new death metal album played with the same filth and intent to smother the listener with the old school Swedish goodness of the nineties. I've come across a lot of albums that play in this style and a lot of them come off as generic or repetitive, but this is not the case with Maim. One of the biggest names in this new wave of Swedeath is Tribulation, a great band that mixes the sound of the ancients like Grave and Entombed with some thrash influences. Maim follows a similar path, but they also bring in some doom influence and the results on "Deceased to Exist" are great. 

One album that this one reminds me of is Bolt Thrower's "War Master." Why you ask? Well, that album saw the band take their doomy sound to another level, but it also saw them speed things up for their fastest record since their debut. The same thing applies here on Maim's sophomore effort. There are a lot of fast moments that possess some thrash influence, like on the tracks "Nuclear Funeral" and "Screams of the Mutilated." But in the same breath, there are moments of pure Autopsy and Asphyx worship. Just listen to the title track and near five minute instrumental "Crematory." Of course, this is a death metal album and the songs "Purged Through Napalm" and "Resurrected From Hell" are two slabs of pure, relentless death metal that puts the listener in a time travelling machine, sending them back to the early nineties when they first heard albums like "Into the Grave" and "Dark Recollections." 

There isn't much more to be said about this album. The other instruments all do their job exceptionally well, but nothing extraordinary. "Deceased to Exist" brings forth quite an amount of variety to the table, especially for an album that consists of a sound mainly considered to be another Swedeath revival band. If you're a fan of Tribulation, Autopsy or Bolt Thrower, then you should have no problems welcoming this collection of evil music into your home. 

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"Gravedigger Sacrifice"
"Deceased to Exist"
"Screams of the Mutilated"

Final Rating
4.25/5 or 85%. 

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