Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Vektor - Outer Isolation

With great power, comes great responsibilities or in Vektor's case: With a modern masterpiece like "Black Future," comes extremely high expectations. Let's get straight to the point; this album did not surpass its predecessor. But it's not all bad, because this album still destroys and is better than a lot of albums that came out this year, but topping "Black Future" was a near impossible task. While the size of Vektor's fanbase may not reflect just how gifted these guys are, every one of their fans will tell you that this band is one of the best around. Every single one of those fans would be 100% correct too. 

This band is one of the more perplexing bands out today, with their unique and nearly untouchable brand of metal. At the core of the sound is thrash, but if you think this band sounds at all like Exodus or Slayer, then you are severely mistaken. Honestly, there aren't any bands that Vektor could be compared to, but that's probably a good thing. Their sophomore album for Heavy Artillery records and third overall "Outer Isolation" is easily one of the most anticipated albums of 2011 and it definitely delivers.

The overall sound on "Outer Isolation" isn't really any different than the sound on "Black Future," but when your band sounds the way that Vektor does, you're allowed to write your music however you want. However, one noticeable difference is that Vektor sounded a bit darker on their previous release than they do here. "Outer Isolation" is a little more progressive, but also thrashier. While every song on here sounds different from the next, only one song needs to be mentioned. "Echoless Chamber" is probably Vektor's best song to date. This song has every element that the band is known for and is meshed very nicely into one track. It has the eerie, yet enchanting melodies, the thrashy riffs, clean interludes, intense drumming, insane vocals and the general weirdness that is Vektor

Despite the complexity of the music, this review is being cut short because this album is nearly undescribable and simply needs to be heard. Some random guy on the internet talking about how awesome this album will not get the point across, so go out and get your hands on this beast. Once you give this band a listen, you will be hooked, and then sucked into outer isolation. 

Best Tracks
"Echoless Chamber"
"Cosmic Cortex"
"Dark Creations, Dead Creators"

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Final Rating - 4.4/5 or 88%.

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