Monday, November 14, 2011

Artificial Brain Demo Review

It's not really death metal. It's not exactly grindcore and it's not quite progressive or black metal. 

It's Artificial Brain and it's pretty much in a genre of its own. 

The Long Island band's demo (available for free on features three stellar tracks that are really out there. 

The first is the song "Tongues" which is all over the place. The melodic passages of the songs feature time signatures changing at random and great cookie monster vocals. It's a fast one that gets right to the point of introducing you to Artificial Brain, making it a good choice for the first track. 

Next comes "Spacid," the angry middle child of this release. It hits hard and throws caution to the wind as off time riffs and ever shifting technicality and speed of the double bass will make you lose your mind. It's faster than the previous one and twice as reckless.

Finally, the closer "Lightwaves Birthing Ages" is a lot more tame as it is slower than the others at times and a lot more simple when it wants to be. It's still sinfully technical, but what pulls this one through is the rhythm of the drums and the growling vocals. The song feels like lightwaves birthing ages if that makes any sense at all because there is no other way to explain it.

Artificial Brain's demo is an interesting one that listeners will be unsure what to think of it at first. The different elements make the band hard to find an appropriate genre to be placed in, which seems like what they want. If all else fails, don't question it - just enjoy the wonderful sounds of your mind exploding with Artificial Brain

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Written by Chris Butera

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