Saturday, November 26, 2011

Paralyzer - Hellish Demise EP

The thrashing quartet from Tennesee known as Paralyzer are out to make a name for themselves and they deliver a pretty sweet four track EP in "Hellish Demise." Now, Paralyzer are far from being the most unique thrash band out in 2011, but they have managed to write some decent thrash and they definitely have the ability to get your headbanging.

The EP kicks off with the track "Deathcult." After a nice clean intro, the thrashing begins. The riffs will likely remind the listener of Overkill at times, and the gang vocals are a nice touch. Overall, this is a solid track and a great way to kick off the EP.

Next up is the song "Genocide" This is probably the weakest song on the EP. It's pretty generic and doesn't really stimulate the listener much. Luckily they make up for this with the next couple of tracks.

The title track is the next one up and it is easily better than the last. Catchy and headbangable riffs are always good and they come in abundance here. The gang vocals once again provide a nice added layer to the song.

The final song here is indeed the best. "Ritual Gates" gets straight into it with some fast riffs, accompanied nicely by some fast, shredding solos. Much like the preceding track, catchy riffs come in plenty here. Paralyzer did a great job here, saving the best for last.

Paralyzer isn't the best new thrash band out, nor are they extremely memorable but they provide a fun listen and are certainly worth checking out.

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