Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tantara Interview!

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing one of my favorite new Thrash bands, that band being Tantara. Tantara are a 4 piece band from Norway who play some ripping Thrash in the vein of the masters from the Bay Area. If you haven't heard them, I HIGHLY recommend you head on over to their Facebook (Link at the bottom) and check them out. 

SFM - As far as I know, you guys are going to be heading into the studio to record the debut full-length album. Can you give any information about it? Title? Themes? Release?

Tantara - We're actually done recording our debut album in Copenhagen with Flemming Rasmussen! We're not sure about the album title yet, but we're onto something! The album is a concept album, and the theme is the world we live in, with other words; a political/critical theme. The whole album works as a story from the start to the end, and all the songs follows a "red thread". All the songs have a meaning, and are not like; Kill, kill, blood, shit, cunt, death, kill, kill (you'll get the idea) all over the place with no meaning! We're really looking forward to release this shit as fast as possible, hopefully on a label we're in contact with! Within the year of 2011, the album will be blasting speakers all over the globe!

SFM - That sounds great and I know that I'm looking forward to getting my hands on the new album. You're going to be working with Flemming Rasmussen, the producer who worked with Metallica on the legendary Master of Puppets. How did this come about and how excited are you to be working with him?

Tantara - Getting in touch with Flemming was actually pretty easy. Fredrik just sent him a mail with our songs and asked if he was interested in making an album with us, and yes, he was! He later said that he barely did metal bands these days, so we feel privileged that he wanted to do us! (Not the nasty way, haha). Well, working with him has been an awesome experience. After 5 minutes with him, you forget that he is "The legendary producer of Metallica", he's a totally down to earth guy, and he's totally awesome! We had a really good connection, and he was like a brother/friend under the whole recording session. There was never a boring moment, always a joke about something, or some funny stories about Bruce Dickinson! (Haha, well, let's NOT talk about those stories). All in all, an awesome experience, and it was very sad leaving him and Copenhagen, but we're looking forward to hopefully do our next album with him really soon into the future!

SFM - You guys are definitely lucky to have been able to work with that man and hopefully is shows on the record. Now, do you have any tours planned out in support of this album?

Tantara - As far as we now, we're planning a little tour in Scandinavia with another thrash band. It's only on the planning stage, but we will hopefully get it going! This tour is planned to take place in October this year some time, but we'll see! If we get a good label as well, we will hopefully tour our asses off even more to support this album! We're really excited.

SFM - Hopefully you guys can make it down to the States and most importantly Los Angeles! Who are the biggest influences for the band when it comes to writing material for Tantara?

Tantara - Our main influences, well, that's a lot! But the BIGGEST, must definitely would be HEATHEN. Such an awesome band. Also, we're influenced by bands like Testament, Anthrax, Slayer, Megadeth, and of course a bit Metallica - They started the whole shit, it's almost impossible to not get inspired by them. OH WAIT, and of course; EXODUS!!

SFM - I can definitely hear the Exodus influence in your guys' music. Speaking of the music, what is your favorite Tantara song to play live?

Tantara - Favourite song.. That's a hard one.. Probably a song who's not FUCKING hard to play live maybe? Haha, well. that's a very difficult question. We love to play all our songs actually, or else we wouldn't play them at all! But if it had to be one song, it must be a song we know will kick the audience's asses. Maybe Human Mutation or Negligible Souls?

SFM - Well being a newer band yourself, who would you say are your favorite newer bands?

Tantara - Favourite newer bands, that's a hard one too! We're not really into newer bands, we're simply not so fond of it (ironic, huh?). But if we had to choose one, it'll be Vektor.

SFM - That is a great choice, as I'm a big fan of Vektor as well. Now to the older bands, if you could open for any band who would it be and why?

Tantara -  If we could open for ANY band, it would've been maybe Exodus, or maybe Slayer! Then you know you're playing for true Thrash Metal fans, and that's what we want to! Or, if you say ANY band, that must be Metallica, opening for around 20-100 k fans would've given us A LOT of publicity, haha!

SFM - Well thank you very much for your time. Do you have any words for your fans?

Tantara - We will thank all our fans for supporting us and spreading the word about us! Without them, we probably wouldn't grow this fast as a band as we have! Starting in the second half of 2009, performing for our first time in 2010, recording a EP at a local studio for 3 days the same year, and one year later record an album with mighty Flemming Rasmussen is just great! Thank you all, and hopefully we'll see you on tour not too far in the future!

Be sure to check out Tantara on their Facebook page and like it to stay updated!

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