Sunday, July 31, 2011

Interview with Infernal Death (Official Death Tribute Band)

Infernal Death is the only official "Scream Bloody Gore" Era tribute band around, and I was fortunate enough to interview the Charlie Taylor (The drummer). Here's what he had to say. 

SFM - How exactly did this band come about? 

Charlie - Mike Lare and I decided that we were going to put together a band in honor of the groundbreaking DEATH album Scream Bloody Gore and we decided on learning all 10 songs as well as the bonus tracks  "Beyond the Unholy Grave" and "Land of No Return."

SFM - That's awesome, and "Beyond the Unholy Grave" is probably my favorite Death song off of that album. Was your original plan to be a Death cover band and how did you become an OFFICIAL Death cover band? 

Charlie- Yes our original plan was to be a Scream Bloody Gore tribute band.. Let me make something clear... We are a tribute band not a cover band..Cover bands do a bunch of random songs ...We, as a tribute, do the entire Scream Bloody Gore era which includes pre album demo tracks all the way through the Leprosy album. That was a magical time period in the metal underground. And to answer the final part of that question, I wanted to make sure that we got in touch with chuck's family and lawyer to solidify with all of them that we were good people with good intent and that we were in no way trying to cash in on other peoples' legacy.. We don't play that music to make a buck, we play it to take people back to the place they were standing when they first heard the first DEATH record and we play for the people that have seen DEATH and those who are way too young to ever see them.

SFM - Well it's great that you guys are doing your best to keep the music alive. How long have you guys been doing this?

Charlie - INFERNAL DEATH have been around  since January 6, 2008.

SFM - What are some of your favorite bands besides Death

Charlie- I think the four of us collectively enjoy a huge range of metal and underground music. I myself love bands like CIRITH UNGOL, RAZOR, MOURNFUL CONGREGATION, and POSSESSED.

SFM - Those are some great bands right there. Now are you a fan of any newer bands today and if so who would they be? 

Charlie- I am a huge fan of DEADSEA from Columbus, Ohio..and ARTILLERY BREATH, also from Columbus , and OATH OF INSANITY from Connecticut.

SFM - I've never heard of those bands, I'll have to look into them. Do you have any plans to tour at all?

Charlie - We really don't tour. We play long weekend shows and I think the longest we would ever really consider doing is like 1 week maximum.

SFM - What is your favorite Death album? Song? Song to play live?

Charlie - I think as far as the whole band is concerned our favorite DEATH album is without a doubt Scream Bloody Gore although Chuck could not put out any DEATH album that was a bad album. They are all great albums for their time period! As far as my favorite song and my favorite song to play live  I would have to say "Mutilation" and "Open Casket" would be favorites.. My favorite song to play live is "Zombie Ritual".

SFM - "Zombie Ritual" is indeed an amazing song. Do you play in any other bands?

Charlie - I used to be in an 80's thrash band called LETHAL AGGRESSION, Mike is the bassplayer for the touring juggernaut from cleveland RINGWORM, Wes is in another band that sounds similar to TESTAMENT called SHRINE OF SUFFERING. Shrine does an amazingly bad ass cover of SAVATAGE  "Hall of the Mountain King."

SFM - Well thank you for your time, Do you have any words for your fans? 

Charlie - Yes, thank you to any and all fans of Chuck Schuldiner's music. Let's keep the magic and the music from the first 2 DEATH records and all subsequent DEATH records alive! Keep on coming out to our shows and keeping Chuck's memory alive and screaming! For the record..nobody will ever get to see chuck and DEATH again.... we will never replace the man , but we can sure do our best to give everyone that comes to see INFERNAL DEATH the most true to life experience of witnessing the classic music being performed as a whole by  an officially authorized tribute.. Thanks for your time ..By the way we have 2 videos that are on our facebook page, check them out! Hit us up on facebook if you are interested in booking us... stay sick!

There you have it folks, be sure to check out Infernal Death on Facebook and like their page to see if they'll hit your town!

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