Friday, July 29, 2011

Hemotoxin - Biohazard Demo Review

Hemotoxin are a 3 piece band from Clayton CA, who play their own brand of Progressive Death/Thrash. If I had to describe the sound of the music on this 3 song (plus a Death and Sepultura cover) demo, I would say it sounds like Symbolic-era Death meets Exodus meets Immolation. The riffs themselves sound very influenced by Gary Holt, while the melodies and lead work sound like they would fit in perfectly on Death's later material. Both of these sounds create the Hemotoxin sound while the vocals (similar to Immolation) front the charge.

The best parts about Hemotoxin's music would have to be the lead work and the progressive elements that are found in the songs. Even on the more straightforward thrash riffs, it's present. The riffs aren't your typical E-string chugging but they feature plenty of variety. The lead work here is great and it shows in the solos that are found in the songs, especially on the track "Biohazard."

However Hemotoxin's best attribute also is the only thing that's really holding them back. The musicianship is great, there's no doubt about it, but the band's quest for originality and complexity also causes them to lose sight at points. At points in the song it seems like everything is focused on building up to the solo part or other lead work that the band forgets that they need to have their songs go somewhere rather than just peaking at the solo. 

Hemotoxin's music is not bad at all, but it can certainly be better. This is only their first demo though, and they have plenty of room to grow into a better band, which I have full faith they can. 

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Final Rating - 4/5 or 80%.

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