Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Warbeast – Enter The Arena

Warbeast is a thrash metal band from Texas that formed about a decade ago. Despite their relatively limited existence, the members in the band have long been involved in playing this extreme style of music, with the charge led by vocalist Bruce Corbitt (ex-Rigor Mortis) and guitarist Scott Shelby (ex-Gammacide). Unfortunately, due to some medical issues faced by Corbitt, the band is now defunct, with “Enter The Arena” marking their final legacy.

If you’re new to Warbeast, it’s worth pointing out that this isn’t just a bunch of old guys pretending to capture their former glory; these guys still thrash! “Enter The Arena” is another absurdly heavy thrash record featuring a variety of crushing riffs and a relentless drive. The band has no difficulties playing intricate material at high speeds, but they can just as easily unleash a doom metal-inspired riff that will pulverize all in its path. The soloing tends to be wild and unpredictable, regardless of the tempo the rest of the band is playing at. 

Surprisingly, the production on “Enter The Arena” is a bit more muffled than one might expect from a more veteran band. It certainly is nothing out of the ordinary for thrash, and fits the band’s sound, but is rougher around the edges than most other modern thrash releases. The low end is especially vicious, both in terms of bass and drums, and it makes the rhythm section constantly pummeling.

Despite Warbeast’s excellent pedigree, don’t expect anything quite as strong as the classic Rigor Mortis or Gammacide records. Like many similar bands, Warbeast does a respectable job of recapturing the sound of the 1980s, but not necessarily at the same level of quality. Truthfully, the tracks on this release aren’t overly memorable, especially compared to classic songs like “Bodily Dismemberment” or “Endangered Species”. Even relative to Warbeast’s debut, “Krush The Enemy”, the songwriting doesn’t quite deliver. 

Nevertheless, few bands deserve your support as much as Warbeast given the recent difficulties the band’s singer has faced. The band really can’t be faulted for anything on “Enter The Arena”, so even if it isn’t necessarily the best thrash metal album ever made, it is very much an enjoyable one that will bash your skull in (and what more could one ask for?)

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"Centuries of Poisoned Soil"
"Maze of the Minotaur"
"Ancient Hate"

Final Rating
3.8/5 or 76%. 

Written by Scott

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