Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Obsessör – Assassins of the Pentagram

Obsessör hails from Germany, and is a 4-piece group playing some intense black/thrash metal. Only a few years removed from their debut album, the band is releasing their second full-length album: “Assassins of the Pentagram”. This album is violent, vicious, and contains not a single moment of compromise. The music is always fast, and the riffs are as old school as possible. One area where Obsessör does go a bit of a different direction is in the vocalist. Their singer does more growling than screaming or yelling. In this sense, he’s not dissimilar from a standard death metal vocalist, but his technique is a bit more gravelly. The most interesting part of this vocal performance is the high-pitched shrieking. No doubt this is paying great homage to the mighty Schmier (Destruction), as there are many parts where Obsessör’s vocalist hits absurdly high notes that are incredibly comical (though quite awesome as well). These moments occur often, and in pretty much every track, and are a great way to break up the monotony of a more one-dimensional vocal approach.

Musically Obsessör doesn’t bring a lot that is new to the table. There’s nothing wrong with that. The tried and true formula of speed, great riffs, and shredding solos is always a winner. Perhaps a slight criticism could be levied on the band because of the lack of simplistic songwriting. To be fair though, black/thrash is a really dirty style of metal that gets at the roots of less complex bands like Venom. In any case this doesn’t really hurt “Assassins of the Pentagram” very much because there is always something worthwhile going on. While this makes it difficult to pick out individual favourites, it means that the entire album is an enjoyable listen. One thing that didn’t seem particularly effective, however, was the use of blast beats. They appear in “Hordes of the Goat Kult” and the cover of Destruction’s “Devil’s Soldiers”. The biggest problem is that they’re a little bit slow, and it makes the tempo of the music feel less rapid than if a standard thrash/punk beat were to be used. Nevertheless, these occurrences are so few and far between, that they do no major damage to the quality of the record.

The production on “Assassins of the Pentagram” is pretty solid. The drums are not overproduced and are very natural sounding. This is particularly noticeable in the snare sound, which cracks nicely. Additionally, the bass is near the forefront of the mix, and though it does not take focus often, it is always contributing something worthwhile. The guitars fit in well, with a bit of a buzz to them. Everything is mixed appropriately, and there are really no complaints about the production. With “Assassins of the Pentagram”, Obsessör has put together an impressive effort. Anyone who prefers their metal to be witching and/or blasphemous is sure to enjoy this effort!

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All of it.

Final Rating
4.2/5 or 84%. 

Written by Scott

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