Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Nekrofilth - Devil's Breath

The heavy metal genre runs an intricate gamut of sounds, ranging from melodic music featuring clean and understandable vocals, to ungodly and just downright vile creations. Make no mistake, Nekrofilth (as if you couldn't already tell based solely on the name and album art) belongs to the latter, and more wretched group. Given who the frontman (Zack Rose of Nunslaughter) of the Cleveland trio is, fans of the devil metal masters should know exactly what they're getting themselves into with the "Devil's Breath." Trying to specify the genre of the repulsive contents of this album will do no one any good, because the 13 tracks are an unholy merging of extreme metal that simply needs to be enjoyed, rather than dissected and over-analyzed. 

Nekrofilth are undoubtedly going to be compared to Nunslaughter, which isn't an entirely unfair comparison, just shortsighted. This group of vandals does have an identity of their own - the lyrical content isn't deadset on annihilating Christians or raping nuns, instead the songs are centered on subjects like fucking junkies and wanting to see others mercilessly terminated. Rose's savage vocals are what really bring the horrid lyrics to life, though, as he spews the words with such anger and disgust, the listener can't help but feel dirty at the end of each track ("Smear the Sleaze" in particular), truly doing the band's name justice. The production on the "Devil's Breath" is also stellar, not taking away any of the foulness to the riffs and overall aura of the music. 

Having gruesome lyrics and inhumane vocals isn't enough to create the gutwrenching sound that is prevalent throughout the record. Luckily, the rhythm section brings their A-game to breathe some undead life into the tracks. The riffs are bludgeoning when they're going at full speed, and are even more crushing when the tempo slows. Songs like "Crave the Grave" and the title track are unrelenting, in part to the grind-tinged and thrashy riffage, but also because of the battering of the drum kit and the insanely heavy bass playing. Listening to Nekrofilth's latest collection of putrid material is more than likely what if feels like to be slaughtered by the devil himself, and is not for those who choose to pose. If you aren't feeling somewhat violated after listening to this opus of filth, than you weren't meant to survive the devil's breath...

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"Crave the Grave"
"I'm A Degenerate"
"Devil's Breath"
"Smear the Sleaze"

Final Rating
4.4/5 or 88%.