Sunday, September 16, 2012

Mongrel's Cross Interview

Its been a while since I've done any interviews, but that will change and the first interview of several more to come is with the incredibly awesome Mongrel's Cross. They already released one of the best records of 2012 with their debut album "The Sins of Aquarius" (click the link for my review) and their conquest of the metal underground seems imminent. Read on as the Grand Mongrel talks about the Australian metal scene, future plans for touring and recording, and more!

SFM - Greetings, Mongrel's Cross! Hope all is well down under. Now can you give a little background info on the band for the readers who may not have heard of you guys? How long have you been around? How would you describe the band's sound?

MC - All is well here mate. Out of the city and living in the mountains now. The three Mongrel's that make up the core of the band are myself Grand Mongrel, Goet Euryn and Necros Craigos. We got together in 2009 and began thrashing some tracks for our demo. Our sound comes from all of our mutual influences. The ways of the old black, death, thrash and heavy metal is our inspiration. 

SFM - You recently released your debut full-length "The Sins of Aquarius" through Hell's Headbangers Records. The album is a favoirte of mine this year, but how has the general response to the record been?

MC - It has been really good. We have received inquiries from all over the globe and reviews have been really positive as well. 

SFM - Speaking of Hell's Headbangers, how has it been working with them? How did the partnership between the band and label begin?

MC - We sent Chase some of the tracks from our second release "Whoresanna" and he was stoked on them so he offered us a deal right away. Hell's Headbangers are great to work with. 

SFM - Hailing from a country that is so loaded as far as newer metal bands goes, is it difficult to stand out? Are you a fan of any of the newer bands today? Is there a sense of community or a brotherhood even, between the Australian bands?

MC - Its not difficult to stand out as the bands who are truly sick aren't in huge numbers. There are plenty of legends making evil metal in Australia at present and we are big supporters of them. Most Australian metal heads in the underground scene are acquainted and when shows like the recent Evil Invaders festival are held we all get together, drink piss and worship the sound of Satan. 

SFM - There's a common link between some of the bands in the Australian scene because a lot of them share band members. Are any of the Mongre's Cross guys involved in other projects?

MC - There is and all of us are involved in other bands. I have just began playing with the recently reformed Carbon. Necros Craigos drums for Impetuous Ritual and Goet Euryn has his own project named Gol. 

SFM - Mongrel's Cross played the "Evil Invaders IV" festival earlier this year, and the line-up looked absolutely incredible. How was the experience as a band playing and even as a fan of the other bands playing?

MC - It was a killer weekend! So many kick arse bands. It was a great experience and its always rewarding to play amongst your peers. 

SFM - Are there any plans on playing more live shows this year? Are there any plans to venture outside of Australia for shows anytime?

MC - We are currently in the process of jamming new material. There are eight new tracks and they sound fucking mental so we are keen to get them tight and begin recording again early next year. we are definitely interested in taking Mongrel's overseas and have discusses it within the band. It could be on next year's agenda. 

SFM - Have you had the opportunity to meet or play with any of the extreme metal icons of Australia's past such as KK Warslut (Destroyer 666, Bestial Warlust), Matthew Skarajew (Inverloch, diSEMBOWELMENT) or the fellas in Sadistik Exekution? Were these groups influential in your band's sound?

MC - Not as of yet. Destroyer are part of our heritage so yes they have been an influence on us. Sadistik Exekution could never be anything but a bad influence. 

SFM - That about concludes the interview, thank you very much for your time. Any words for your fans?

MC - "The Sins of Aquarius" is available on CD and LP from the band. Contact Keep it evil and bang on. 

**Be sure to check these guys out! They will not disappoint you!

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