Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Zombiefication - Reaper's Consecration [EP]

Mexico may not be the capital for premier metal bands, but they definitely have some worth boasting about. Earlier in 2012, Warfare released one of my favorite black/thrash albums of the year and it's only proper that the country releases some top-notch death metal as well. Along with Ominous Crucifix, Zombiefication is looking to be Mexico's top death metal act and their new EP "Reaper's Consecration" is a great five-track representation of some of the finest Swedeath worshiping in the Americas (which also goes to show that Pulverised Records has some awesome taste). Honestly, I didn't expect for this EP to be as solid as it is, simply because of the overwhelming wave of bands that continue to tread along a path that has been done over and over in this day and age, but this duo are one of those groups that know what they're doing. 

One thing that you'll immediately notice about "Reaper's Consecration" is the production, which is perfect for the music. The opening track "Dead Today, Dust Tomorrow" starts off with a dark melody, but the muddled, yet surprisingly clear production gives the music an old-school vibe that almost makes Zombiefication's music sound like a long lost demo from the motherland. Much like the melody from the opening track, there are plenty of melodic moments to be found throughout this EP, but not in the melodic-death metal kind of way, but the sinister and evil sounding way. Whether the band pushes the melody to the forefront of the music ("We Stand Alone") or they're creeping along in the background of the music ("Dead Today, Dust Tomorrow") that looming feel of dread is present. Another great part of the music is Mr. Jacko's ability to weave in some truly wicked tremolo sections with the midpaced, d-beat driven riffs, which is best witnessed on the track "Death Rides," which is one hell of a headbanger. 

In addition to the melodies and subtle nuances that make "Reaper's Consecration" as good as it is, are of course the traditional midpaced and violent riffs that were made famous by the gods of the 90's Swedish scene, as they can be found in every song here, not to mention the awesome punk-oriented riffs that are present as well. There's also a great use of atmosphere on this EP, similar to the dark and brooding aura on Carnage's masterpiece "Dark Recollections," with the opening sequence to "Necrohell" being the best reflection of this. Everything else here is also top-notch, with Mr. Hitchcock's vocals sounding like a young Matti Karki, only with a little more of a punk vibe. The drumming is stellar - there are plenty of fantastic fills (the intro to "We Stand Alone" in particular) and the faster moments of the band's music wouldn't be the same without the well-timed assault either. Zombiefication really impressed me with this EP, and I'm sure their impression won't stop here, not when the music continues to be as terrific as the five tracks on "Reaper's Consecration."

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"Dead Today, Dust Tomorrow"
"We Stand Alone"

Final Rating
4.3/5 or 86%.