Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Power Theory - An Axe To Grind

Power Theory is a four-piece heavy metal band hailing from the US. This is an appropriate home for them, as they also incorporate elements of USPM in their sound. Despite having only been around for less than a decade, they sure sound about as authentic as anything that came out during the 80’s. Their music isn’t overproduced, and has an original sound, while clearly demonstrating their influences. Likewise, vocalist Dave Santini brings his own original flavour to the music. He sings with a rasp that adds quite a bit of punch to the music. Additionally, guitarist Bob Ballinger is the man who really takes this album past a simple rehash. His soloing is persistent; it shows up on constantly and he does a fantastic job shredding. He also manages to add some melodic harmonies on "Edge of Knives" and "The Hammer Strikes (Mjolinir's Song)" despite being the only guitar player.

There are a few of standout tracks on this record, most notably, the title track. It opens with a bass line that comes right from Iron Maiden’s “Wrathchild”, but despite that, the rest of the track manages to be quite different from Maiden. “A Fist In The Face Of God” is appropriately titled, as it’s a fist to the face of the listener. Thrashier and faster than anything else on the album, this song is a brutal affair. It’s the definite highlight as far as the guitar solos are concerned and features some good double bass work. Other songs are definitely fantastic as well, but the music pretty much speaks for itself. Fans of Manilla Road, Riot, Omen, and the like will definitely gravitate towards Power Theory as they gain more popularity. Give these guys a chance and you won’t be disappointed!

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“An Axe To Grind"
“A Fist In The Face of God"

Final Rating:
4.0/5 or 80%

Written by Scott