Monday, March 19, 2012

Terminate - Thirst For the Obscene [EP]

To say that there has been a resurgence in the amount of material being released in the vein of the old masters from Sweden would be an incredible understatement, as there are hundreds of bands emulating Dismember, Entombed and all of the other familiars. So what makes Chicago's Terminate any better than the myriads of others around the world? If you've heard the band's debut demo from last year then you are aware that they don't stray too far away from the traditional sound, but the songwriting is great and the memorability of the three tracks is awesome. Terminate's second offering "Thirst For the Obscene" is definitely a step-up from the already terrific demo from 2011, yet there isn't much change in the sound. How can this be?

Once again, it's simply because Terminate know how to write catchy material that will be stuck in the listener's head just begging to be replayed. The EP kicks off with the title track and these guys waste no time as the song starts with some death metal tremolo riffing accompanied by John Porada's howling vocals that immediately command the listener's attention. While the rest of the track is pretty much tremolo riffing through and through, the next song "Numb" is a headbanging blitzkrieg of epic proportions. This song could easily have found a home on "War Master" with it's brilliant, groovy midpaced riffs and thunderous double bass drumming. Jim Smith's performance behind the kit on this EP is a highlight reel all on its own, whether it's his double bass massacres on "Numb," his excellent fills on "Blind Leading the Blind" or his D-Beat drumming (Only on "Blind Leading the Blind") for an old-school Swedeath nostalgia trip, the drums are just as much of a focal point for the music as the riffs and vocals.

As if Terminate's four new slabs of death metal goodness on "Thirst For the Obscene" weren't enough, they also included a cover of one of Slaughter's best songs "Incinerator," as well as a cover of the legendary Celtic Frost's "The Usurper," both fantastic renditions of the originals. To call these guys generic is just lazy and incorrect, because Terminate is easily one of the best new bands out that plays complete old-school material with such fervor and conviction that I find it impossible to not take notice of the band. If you're a fan of Bolt Thrower or old school Swedeath, then you owe it to yourself to check out this band, because as far as newer bands are concerned, it doesn't get much better than this. 

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"Drown in Flames"
"Blind Leading the Blind"

Final Rating
4.4/5 or 88%.