Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ignivomous - Contragenesis

When I asked how could Australia's metal scene get any better, it was originally meant as a rhetorical question, but apparently Ignivomous didn't get the message and decided to answer my inquiry for me with their sophomore effort "Contragenesis." Australia has so many great bands out today that it's near ridiculous that so much awesome can be concentrated in one area with bands like Destroyer 666, Gospel of the Horns, Stormbane, Destruktor, and several others waving the tattered flag of extreme metal so valiantly. It should be no surprise, though, that this record is as great as it is and anyone who has heard these guys' debut album "Death Transmutation" knows exactly how talented Ignivomous is at creating some top-notch death metal. 

When it comes to the influences for the band's sound on "Contragenesis" there are the obvious ones that are made apparent once the intro track clears and "Heritage of the Jackal" blasts through with ripping tremolo sections that remind one of Angelcorpse or early Morbid Angel, as well as some darker and heavier tremolo riffs that remind one of Incantation. I would say that about 90% of the riffs on this record are all extremely fast tremolo picking (though a lot of the speed also comes from Volcano's intense drumming), and while a lack in variety as far as riffs and structures go usually hurts the overall quality of the music, there is a surprising amount of differences in the songs. "Seventh Seal of Gnosis" has some tremolo sections that are a lot higher on the fret board and result in a more evil or eerie sound than the heavier sections that resemble John McEntee's brilliance and then there are total blast fests much like those found on the track "Monumental Cosmic Transgression," which are just as devastating. 

Ignivomous are clearly a bunch of speed freaks which is easily noted after hearing the first few tracks, but they also have a doomier side which is equally excellent. The title track has some heavy powerchords that have a doomy sound and when fronted by the vocalist's low growls, that Incantation influence is once again brought to the forefront. "Hierophant" also has a more midpaced riff that kicks off the song but it's pretty groovy and wouldn't sound out of place on a Bolt Thrower record, and anytime a band uses some good old fashioned Bolt Thrower worship in their music they get some extra points in my book. And finally we have the nine minute monster of a track to close the record in "The Final Cadence to Bloodshed" which is a behemoth that slowly crushes the listener with it's incredible heaviness. Once again, if you're familiar with just how amazing Australia's metal scene is, then you will have no problem welcoming "Contragenesis" into your record collection as it embodies what death metal in 2012 should sound like. 

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"Monumental Cosmic Transgression"
"The Final Cadence to Bloodshed"

Final Rating
4.3/5 or 86%.