Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Scythe Interview!

If you've been keeping up with the site for a while, then you'll know that I'm fond of Scythe and I thought their "Seventh Day" EP was awesome, so I got in touch with them for an interview to get to know some more about 'em! Enjoy!

SFM - Scythe does a lot of shows in Southern California. Are there any more shows coming up this year, that we should be aware of? Do you plan on playing other places outside of Southern California?

Scythe - Yeah we do play a lot, especially, the dirtier parts of town. So far, we don’t have anything set in stone right now but we have stuff in the works. For example, we are actually trying to set up a tour for November around the Bay Area. Nothing crazy, just a small 4 day tour with another band from Los Angeles, Malignent. They are really good friends of ours and we just want to get out there to expose ourselves to more of California plus they kick ass and they drink as much as we do.

SFM - What has been the response to your most recent EP, "The Seventh Day?" Is there anything that you would change about it?

Scythe - The response has been fucking phenomenal. It was more of a goal of ours just to get into a studio and record that sound at that moment. We had been working real hard on those 4 songs and I think it shows. Everyone really took notice of us after that. We always came from the backyard roots but we didn’t want be stuck doing the same thing. So we had to take it to another level. To this day, people still tell us how much they dig the songs and I mean it’s about to become 2 years old!!! That E.P. was a big thing for us to accomplish and we are proud of it, it’s our baby. No matter how ugly it looks, we wouldn’t change a thing.

SFM - As far as I know, you have been working on new material. Will this result in a new E.P., or possibly a full-length? When could we expect for this material to be released?

Scythe - Yeah, actually we have been working real fucking hard on new material. It’s been a real struggle trying to go further because going far means money, unfortunately. You are actually the first to know this but we have been working on 10 brand new songs that we are to release on our first full length album. We are in the late stages of pre-production just finishing up some solos and putting together the vocals. Then we will go into the studio with our new partner in crime, Lee Popa, who will produce our record. He’s pretty much taking us under his wing and has been in the music industry a very long time. He knows exactly what we need to sound like and we share the same vision of capturing our intense live sound. Hopefully if all goes well, we should go into the studio before the end of the year and expect a release early 2012. Label or no label.

SFM - What are your thoughts on Los Angeles' metal scene? What are some of your favorite bands from the scene?

Scythe - I think it’s been a wild ride. I still remember when I used to go to shows back in High School when it was all punk and metal core. Then all of a sudden there was all these bands in Los Angeles, including Scythe, that start bringing back that old school influence. And now it’s huge!! There’s always a show every weekend and there’s always some bad ass band coming out on tour. I think it’s great, but a lot of different elements are kind of bringing it down a bit. Especially in Los Angeles, there are the backyard parties that get shut down by the cops almost every time now. And then also bands that take advantage of all these shows by taking their sweet time to set up, robbing people of seeing bands play.

I mean it’s understandable since thrash and extreme music has been given this new life in such a short time but now it’s like, now what? The future is uncertain to say the least, but with all these great bands, there will always be a following whether it is out in the open or deep underground. Metal survives no matter what. We are more vile than cockroaches and stronger than any nuclear attack. I think the community aspect needs to come back into play. We need to support each other whether we look the part or not. Music is in the mind not on the skin.

What was I going to say... Oh yeah sorry went off on a tangent there. I’ll just list my favorite local bands: 12 Gauge Justice, Malignent, Insecticide, Witchaven, Hellcommand, Sakrificer, Disruptor, Velosity, Skeletal Remains, Harlequin, Viacrusis, Taking Over, Master Destructor, and Deathsteel.

So check those guys out if you see them on any shows in the LA area!!!

SFM - Are you, or any of the other members of Scythe involved in any other projects outside of Scythe?

Scythe - As of right now Scythe is the main priority. We have discussed this and it has lead to some...well let’s just say anything short of killing each other. We all are very into this band and dig writing and performing together. But if there’s something in the future that any one of us want to venture out in, then it’s cool with the band. We all want to explore different music or maybe start a side project but we understand that Scythe is the main focus.

SFM - How long do you foresee Scythe sticking around? How far do you plan on going with the band?

Scythe - Until hell freezes over!!! We are ready to go as far as we can. I can’t predict those kinds of things because you never know what can happen along the way. Scythe will be around as long as long people want to hear our form of extreme aggressive music. And I don’t think we will stop anytime soon.   

SFM - What is your favorite song to play live? 

Scythe - A lot of the new material is fucking amazing but I would have to say “The Seventh Day”. Fuck god, fuck religion, just live for yourself. I think a lot of people feel that way. The lyrics are very anti-religious but it’s more about what’s forced upon you. It’s a very fun song to play live and it’s always great hearing people scream the chorus. Gives me chills every time.

SFM - And last but not least, do you have any words for your fans?

Scythe - OUGH!!!

There ya have it folks. Be sure to check out Scythe on Facebook and like their page!

Band Members:
Erik Soto - Bass/Vocals
Dan Carballo - Guitar
Lerry "Moose" Ortega - Guitar
Jose Verde - Drums

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