Friday, September 23, 2011

Hot Graves - Desecration Time Indeed

What happens when you take elements from death metal masters like Entombed and Dismember, then mix that with the sheer aggression of a thrash influenced crust band? Absolute D-Beat madness is what happens, and when the madness has ceased, Hot Graves will be there to make it happen all over again. "Knights in White Phosphorous," the amazing debut album, should have no problem whatsoever in rocketing Hot Graves to the top of the metalpunk underground.

So, what can you expect with this release? You can expect to have your eardrums ruptured, your skull splintered, and to have a severe case of whiplash. Despite the generic and cheesy song titles, Hot Graves are more than capable of destroying any venue they come across. The riffs are hard-hitting and catchy, the vocals are crushing, the leads are great and everything just meshes together perfectly. 

The biggest highlight of this album though, is the absolute intensity of the record. Nearly every song will awaken the listener's inner savage due to the undeniable explosiveness of the music. Songs like "Fully Charged" and "I Claim Your Blood (In the Night)"  are heavy, fast and brutal. Basically, to sum up the sound, this band is the equivalent of Bastard Priest and Morbid Saint's lovechild. It's that damn intense.

But, Hot Graves is far from a one trick pony. They can do dark and eerie just as well as they do intense and destructive. The track "Rotted" reeks of Swedeath influence. The fast tremolo picking and melody gives the song a sinister feel to it while simultaneously forcing the listener's head to bang. Another example of Hot Graves' varied songwriting ability can be found on the four minute, doom-laden instrumental "Dirge ov the Apokalyptik Hordes ov the Toxik Damned." An extremely doom influenced riff that plays background to solos throughout, is exactly the kind track that this one is, and it serves as a nice break from the unrelenting crust assault. 

If you're a fan of crust, death metal or thrash, then you should easily enjoy "Knights in White Phosphorous." the best tracks are definitely "Fully Charged," "I Claim Your Blood," and "Get Killed Tonight."

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Final Rating - 4.4/5 or 88%.

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