Sunday, January 8, 2017

Lady Beast – Metal Immortal

Metal Immortal” is the second EP for American traditional heavy metal group Lady Beast, and sounds much like you would imagine based on the band’s name. Put simply, this release is a solid offering of female-fronted traditional heavy metal. Iron Maiden and Judas Priest are certainly predominant influences due to the vast number of harmonized lead guitar sections, but the rhythm guitar work is faster and more aggressive than either of those two bands typically offered. The closing cut “Not This Time” is perhaps the best example of the speedier riffing, while the second song, “Devil’s Due”, shows Lady Beast unleashing their most impressive harmonies (and allowing plenty of room for the bass to breathe the way Steve Harris often does).

There isn’t much about this release that is particularly original. The female vocals are obviously less common, but not completely unheard of. It would be fair to say Lady Beast’s singer is closer to Leather Leone of Chastain than someone like Jill Janus of Huntress. She does her job adequately, but doesn’t stand out. And that statement goes for all of the performances on “Metal Immortal”. It’s a serviceable release, but doesn’t have those great hooks that people look for in traditional heavy metal. Having run through it a number of times, there’s little I’m left with that I haven’t found elsewhere. And while being inventive is by no means a prerequisite for enjoying a release, “Metal Immortal” just doesn’t make enough of an impact to beat out the hundreds of similar releases out there. If you do give it a shot, you won’t be let down, but it’s just unlikely to be a release you’ll come back to again and again.  

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"Metal Martyr"
"Devil's Due"

Final Rating
3.5/5 or 70%. 

Written by Scott

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