Saturday, July 18, 2015

Fallen Angels – World In Decay

Fallen Angels is a thrash band that is based out of Seattle, Washington, and is releasing their third album, “World In Decay”, in 2015. Despite the recent surge of popularity for thrash, this is a band that fell through the cracks for me, having never even heard of them until this album came along. If their old material is anything like this album, that was a mistake, as “World In Decay” is an excellent offering of thrash. Fallen Angels is not the heaviest or fastest thrash band out there, but they are very skilled songwriters, and extremely competent musicians as well. “World In Decay” would fit well in the Bay Area scene of the 1980s, when there were a lot of distinct bands that were able to put their own spin on thrash. Much like those groups, Fallen Angels’ approach includes a heavy dose of melody. While this is presented by both the guitars and the vocals, the bass playing is actually where a good chunk of the melody is present. Fallen Angels’ bass player always has an interesting line for you, often times independent of what the guitars are playing. In fact, his style is very reminiscent of Cliff Burton’s bass playing, where the bass lines would pop out as needed, and perfectly complement the music.

One of the reasons “World In Decay” is so enjoyable is because it feels very deliberately crafted. The band knows how to take advantage of common thrash tropes and apply them in ways that don’t sound cliché, but are still incredibly effective. Their songs are memorable, in large part because they don’t sacrifice catchiness for extremity. Fallen Angels is willing to experiment in a variety of ways, such as on the intro of “Forsaken Existence”. This song opens with some acoustic guitars mixing with distorted ones, and then enters into some fantastic power metal-esque leads before finally erupting into a thrasher of a song. Additionally, quite a few songs on this album make use of riffs that have strong punk influence.

Nearly every track on this album could be considered a highlight, but my favourites are “Fire At Eden’s Gate” and “Into The Abyss”. The former song is great because it opens with a mini-bass solo, and also has some impressive lead guitar soloing later on. “Into The Abyss” is not only the most memorable song, but its galloping pace is also very headbanging inducing. On the whole, “World In Decay” is a very impressive album, thanks in large part to the stellar musicianship and attention to detail in the songwriting. Hopefully this album breaks the band through in a much bigger way, because they are deserving of a lot of attention based on this album!

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"Fire At Eden's Gate"
"Into The Abyss"

Final Rating
4.3/5 or 86%. 

Written by Scott 

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