Saturday, March 14, 2015

Bio-Cancer – Tormenting The Innocent

Just in case you thought the retro thrash movement was slowing down, Bio-Cancer is here to show you otherwise. Their second album, “Tormenting The Innocent”, is truly one of the more inspired and devastating releases thrash has seen in the past decade. The band wastes little time before they unleash an incredibly brutal and technical riff upon you in the first track “Obligated To Incest”. The whole time, the track is building to the vocals. Having been new to the band, I was pleasantly surprised by Bio-Cancer’s vocalist. Harsh singers are often described to be spitting out venom when they speak, but never has that comparison been more apt than in the case of Bio-Cancer’s singer. He puts any of thrash’s harsh vocalists to shame in terms of how aggressive and impressive his attack is. He is joined by a legion of backing vocals, each instance of which is well timed to create a rhythmic assault.

The vocals are definitely the biggest talking point on “Tormenting The Innocent”, but they aren’t the only thing to enjoy here. One thing Bio-Cancer does really well is play fast. Ok, that’s a bit of a given for a thrash band, but Bio-Cancer turns up the speed another notch above most thrash bands. While they don’t approach Fastkill in terms of the sheer consistently of speed, Bio-Cancer will definitely induce severe whiplash, particularly on tracks like the aforementioned “Obligated To Incest”, as well as “Haters Gonna…Suffer!”. The band sounds like they are trying to escape the limitations of the human body and play faster than is possible. What is amazing about this is that they don’t compromise the quality of the songs. After one listen, you could easily shout along to the chorus of “Tormenting The Innocent”, among other tracks.

It’s clear that “Tormenting The Innocent” will hook anyone who digs thrash after even just a minute of the first song, but for those who don’t worship thrash at the same level, the question remains: does Bio-Cancer really offer anything new here? The answer is both yes and no. On the one hand, you’ve probably heard a lot of these style of riffs before. Where Bio-Cancer does differ is with the sheer intensity of their approach. It’s almost comical how brutal they are. It rivals bands like Sadus who were just speed all the time, but it does it in an even more over-the-top fashion, largely due to the vocals. Though Bio-Cancer always play fast, their drummer isn’t going mach-10 the whole time, and this works to their benefit. He can throw in a groove at any time while the guitars are still playing absurd riffs, and this prevents the album from becoming monotonous.

Perhaps the greatest feature of “Tormenting The Innocent” is its sheer enthusiasm. Every single member of the band delivers an incredible performance (bass included; in fact, the bass playing is quite prominent on this record). There really isn’t a single weak point on this album, and its appeal goes well beyond your denim-jacket wearing thrasher (though as one of those guys, we love this stuff too!). If you haven’t heard “Tormenting The Innocent”, you are missing out on the early contender for thrash album of the year!

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"Obligated To Incest"
"Tormenting The Innocent"
"F(r)iends or Fiends"

Final Rating
4.6/5 or 92%. 

Written by Scott 

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