Saturday, February 21, 2015

Invincible Force – Satan Rebellion Metal

Satan Rebellion Metal” is the first full-length for Chilean thrash/death/black metal band Invincible Force, and will be released by perhaps the most trusted of all underground metal labels, Dark Descent Records. The first band that comes to mind upon seeing Invincible Force’s name and imagery is of course, the legendary Destruction. When the music kicks in, however, it becomes clear that while Destruction did influence this band, they aren’t really all that similar. Invincible Force takes plenty of inspiration from more extreme metal as they incorporate lots of blast beats and incredibly dirty and malicious-sounding vocals. This is evident from the opening of “Rise The Wrath of Satan”, where the drumming takes hold of your attention and never really lets up until the song ends.

Despite having 8 tracks, this album is really more like an EP. It barely cracks 24 minutes, and is over incredibly quickly. With that said, this format works to Invincible Force’s strengths. The songs tend to have a few simplistic riffs (not unlike Destruction) that are always vicious and forceful, and then end without much fanfare. Perhaps the one exception to this is my favourite track on the record, “Summoning The Black Destruction”. The first minute and 20 seconds or so of this song shows so much potential. There is no blasting, and very minimal vocals. Instead, Invincible Force unleashes their best-crafted and most brutal riffs upon the listener in full Destruction-worship mode (the next song, “Desolation”, starts in a similar manner, but the vocals come in quite a bit quicker). Maybe I came into this album with the wrong intentions, but if it were 24 minutes of this sound, it would probably be near the top of my year-end list.

Nevertheless, the thrashing that Invincible Force provides is still up to par. Although there are a lot of black and death metal elements to this release, it still feels like a thrash record at heart. The band never sounds complacent in their energy, and is always looking to rip your neck apart. The production on “Satan Rebellion Metal” is incredibly suited to the music offered. It is clear enough that every instrument can be heard with no struggle, but it is not a particularly clean sounding release. Ultimately, although I don’t tend to be the biggest fan of thrash/death/black metal combinations (or even bands that combine the latter two styles), Invincible Force is great because they come at it from a thrash point of view. In my mind, there’s little debate that this band would be superior if they just stuck with the thrash elements, but “Satan Rebellion Metal” is still a must-have for those wishing to join the dark side.

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"Summoning The Black Destruction"

Final Rating
4.0/5 or 80%. 

Written by Scott 

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