Monday, December 1, 2014

Repulsor – Trapped In A Nightmare

Trapped In A Nightmare” is the first EP from Polish thrashing force Repulsor. Originally released in 2013, this EP was re-released the following year by Thrashing Madness Production. At just over 20 minutes, this release is a succinct burst of energy that is sure to impress. The most immediately noticeable thing about this EP is the incredible punishment that the rhythm section delivers. From start to finish, there is rarely a slow moment, as the band thrashes with severe ferocity. The average speed on this album is well in excess of what many thrash bands are doing (though admittedly it doesn’t reach Fastkill levels of absurdity). Repulsor’s tenacity is delivered through a fantastic sound. The rhythm guitars are crunchy and thick sounding, and the drums likewise provide a shot of adrenaline, with the unending crack of the snare.

Though one might imagine this aggression could lead to something relatively monotonous, Repulsor knows how to write a catchy tune as well. The shouting of “Toxic Tomorrow” proves to be memorable, and is an excellent start to the EP. Though nothing quite as infectious as this song follows, the band’s enthusiasm for thrash really shines through with their stunning ability to carve out riff after riff with no sacrifice in quality. “To The Coven” shows the band at their most technical, as the main riff in this track puts together some unique, unexpected rhythms. “Stained Heritage” offers yet another pummeling experience, and the opening riff on this song is definitely the most impressive on the record. Additionally, the short acoustic instrumental “The Summoning” provides a break amidst the madness. Sure, it’s cliché to include a song like this, but it still proves effective.

When the band isn’t delivering a neck-snapping riff, it’s likely that there is a guitar solo occurring. In general, the solos tend to be as unrelenting as the rest of the music, though a track like “To The Coven” shows a slight deviation from this approach as it has the occasional bluesy lick. Though the band incorporates many guitar solos throughout this EP, they never feel like the main focus. Instead, their purpose is to provide a break from the onslaught of riffs, as well as the vocals. The vocal approach on this record is relatively standard for thrash: mostly grunting and yelling. As the band is from Poland, Repulsor’s singer no doubt has an accent, though it is closer in style to a German thrash band than an Italian one, to give an easy frame of reference. Ultimately however, this singer has a bit of his own unique sound, which is definitely one thing that many newer thrash bands lack. On the whole, “Trapped In A Nightmare” is an inspired release that is dominated by great performances, impressive songwriting, and most importantly, savage riffs.

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"Toxic Tomorrow"
"Stained Heritage"

Final Rating
4.4/5 or 88%. 

Written by Scott

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