Saturday, March 30, 2013

Birth AD - I Blame You

I like dark and evil music as much as the next guy, but if I listened to nothing but death metal or black metal all day, I'd go fucking insane and probably burn down some churches. That's where a band like Birth AD comes in. A band that's all about making thrash like it was when it was first spawned - fueled by anger with an aim to give the listener something enjoyable and memorable to listen to. This is the kind of music that gets blasted through speakers to piss off the neighbors, or any sensitive wimp who doesn't like what this band has to say (and it seems like they've got a lot to say), as they rip the masses to shreds throughout "I Blame You." These guys clearly aren't happy with things and they're letting everyone know it with 18 tracks of pissed-off thrash that hearkens back to classics like "Game Over" and "Thrash Zone."

All of the songs on "I Blame You" are short and to the point, never overstaying their welcome or making the listener feel like they could've went longer. Minute (or less) long tracks are a staple for every crossover band and Birth AD does them well with bruising songs like "Violent Retribution" and "No, Man," that hit the listener like a sudden burst of thrashing mayhem. They never really go too fast like Wehrmacht or Cryptic Slaughter, mainly sticking to more of a mid-pace and they do it damn well. The riffage is simple, effective and catchy as it should be, giving the listener something to bang their head around to while Tandy's cynical and hateful vocals berate their brain. "Bring Back the Draft" and "This Scene Sucks" are both headbang-friendly and misanthropic enough to make anybody want to punch the nearest person to them, while tracks like "I Blame You" and "Kill Everybody" provide some of the best thrash tunes I've heard in a while with nothing more than some pissed-off lyrics and quality riffage. Ultimately, Birth AD have created a very fun listen in "I Blame You," but it also has more than enough substance to find itself consistently appearing in my rotation, proving that these guys aren't just some retro-act who are aping the bands of the past (they make that pretty clear on "Mission Statement"). Even though they want to burn my home city to the ground, I'm willing to look the other way because "I Blame You" is an awesome album, plain and simple. 

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"Bring Back the Draft"
"I Blame You"
"This Scene Sucks"
"Kill Everybody"

Final Rating
4.25/5 or 85%.