Saturday, July 28, 2012

Okkulta - Witch (Demo)

What a surprise. A talented young band full of potential from Sweden has delivered another quality listen. Okkulta are a new band who are making their debut in the metal underground with this two-song demo "Witch." They play traditional metal, but unlike a lot of the Maiden/Priest worshiping bands, these guys play a much darker and more evil sounding metal that couldn't really be thought of as upbeat. They're not even that comparable to newer acts like In Solitude or Portrait, who excel in the evil, gloomy and dark department, as those bands possessed some really great energy that took them over the top. I would say that this band is like a much slower version of Venom, with an almost doom-like vibe. 

The first track "Devil's Truth" has your typical galloping riff, before it morphs into a plodding chord progression mixed with some tremolos. The vocals are not like your usual heavy metal singer, as it would be a stretch to call them clean. They're very rough, and at times they add a heavier feel to the music, as well some evil vibes. There's also a lack of solos, which was another key thing that set them apart from today's bands who all shred with the greatest of ease. The next track "Witch" is similar, as it's just a solid mix of galloping riffs and tremolos, mixed with a decent rhythm section and the haunting vocals. There is a lot potential in Okkulta, based on these two tracks, but a little variation could help them out. Overall, though, this demo serves as a great starting point for the band to move on in the future and join the ranks of Sweden's other terrific new bands. 

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"Devil's Truth"

Final Rating
4.1/5 or 82%.