Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bludvera - Terrorform [EP]

Not very long ago I came across a thrash band from the UK by the name of Bludvera. After I seduced their frontman Scott Clayton he gave me their demo to check out and I was impressed and have been a proud supporter of this English fivesome since. The demo definitely showed a lot of potential for these guys, but god damn did they destroy with this seven song EP "Terrorform." Everything on here is better than the band's previous effort, the vocals, riffs, solos, drumming and everything in between. 

Clayton's vocal performance on this EP is fantastic and a real highlight. The vocals sound like a very awesome cross between Schmier, Petrozza and Zetro. Definitely a weird kind of combo, but when you hear the vocals you will understand and for maximum pleasure take a listen to the beginning of the break in the song "Citizen Monopoly." Not only have Clayton's vocals improved, but the addition of gang vocal sections has given Bludvera and their music another element that only adds to the memorability and catchiness of each song.

The two Bludvera axemen also deserve some love for their excellent work on this EP. The riffs for the most part are fast, but there are some great midpaced riffs to be found throughout "Terrorform." The intro to "Powerhouse" is a definite headbanger and the song "Conjure the Dead" has plenty of moments that are meant to deal out a case of some good ol' fashioned whiplash. Along with the top notch rhythm work, the lead work is just as good. The solos aren't your typical Kirk Hammett worshiping or some random Slayer-like notes, but they all possess some technical proficiency that any guitarist could appreciate, as well as some nice melodic passages that fit the music perfectly. 

Bludvera really has taken their sound to a whole new level with "Terrorform" and if they aren't signed by an awesome label by the time their full-length comes out, there will be vengeance. 

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"Conjure the Dead"

Final Rating
4.4/5 or 88%.

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