Monday, October 24, 2011

Sector Zero - New Found Heroes

If you like Voivod, you'll love their little brother Sector Zero. This three piece jersey thrash band recently released their self titled EP, which is full of crazy solos, odd time signatures, great riffing and pounding drums. 

The EP starts off with the explosive "Sirens." The driving force of the track is the strong Exodus like riffs followed by the wailing vocals by Anthony Spizzirro – who is also Sector Zero's drummer. 

Yes, that's correct. The drummer is the singer too.

Next up is the very Voivod-esque "Pride." This could have been an unreleased track from Voivod's “Nothingface” album. Spizzirro's vocals harmonize well with the guitars, which again range all over the place in odd times. A great way to make something so simple sound so complex.

The third song is arguably the best on the EP. The mighty “E.M.P.” has the zazziest intro and puts the balls to the walls when the main riff fires away at lightning speed. This has the best possible sound Sector Zero could attain. Everything is great on this one. The bass thumps along rather nicely to the ridiculous guitar riffs and the drums and vocals compliment everything so well. This is Voivod on steroids.

To slow the headbanging down a bit come the last two tracks “Resurrection” and “Extermination”. “Resurrection” features a slower section composed of a Slayer/Testament oriented riff followed with good vocal delivery by Spizzirro. “Extermination” on the other hand is a really heavy number that features excellent drumming that really pulls the riffing together. The chorus is screamed by Spizzirro at a bone chilling level of realism. An excellent send off that leaves one to wonder how good the album will be.

Sector Zero shows with their new EP that they are a rising force in the thrash world not to be taken lightly. Their secret weapon being Spizzirro's multitasking. The intensity of the band as a whole on a recording leaves very little to the imagination of how great they might be live.

Written by Chris Butera

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